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​​​Frequently Asked Questions

Ok, so you have contacted us recently about your wedding, the date is available, you like our work, you’ve seen our packages and price-list and you want to book.  So what happens now? 


How to book?

Contact us as soon as possible! We receive wedding enquiries every day, some book, some don’t.  We can only hold a date for a period of time.  We make every effort to keep dates free for couples who enquire.  We understand there are reasons you can’t always book us right away e.g, budget, juggling payments, looking at other cinematography services, or indeed still deciding if you want a Wedding Film at all.   If it has been a few weeks since you have been in contact with us, we can’t always guarantee the date is still available. 


Confirm your interest to book by e-mail or Facebook message 


As much as we love to talk to you on the phone, we prefer for you to confirm your interest to book us by e-mail or Facebook message.  It gives everyone a reference to come back to and saves any booking confusion.  We will then reply to you letting you know if the date is still available. 


How much is a Deposit? 


We require a £100 deposit for any package booked.  The rest of your package should be paid before or on your wedding day. Your date is only ‘booked’, once your deposit payment has been received and confirmed by us.


How can you pay?


We accept Bank Transfers, Cheques and in some circumstances Cash.  Once we have received your payment, we will send you your receipt and confirmation that your date is now booked. 


So you’re booked what happens now? 


We need as much detail and information that you have about your day as possible.  Often couples book far in advance and do not have any definite plans of the day.  We appreciate this and initially look for basic details such as couples full name, venue location, church location, etc.  Any further details you can give as and when you have them. 



Who needs to know we've booked you?


Lastly we ask that you inform those who need to know that you will be having two cinematographers present on the day, in particular your minister or priest if your ceremony is taking place at church.  This saves any surprises for them on the day.  Please be aware that often in some church and venues we are limited to the space we can film, this can sometimes be due to space, but also sometimes as directed by your priest/minister. If your priest/minister has given us a specific spot to stand in we are limited to this spot and once we started filming we are limited in movement. 


Some Venues and Hotels may also wish to know the number of Cinematographers and photographers present on the day. 


Do you do photography?

Sorry no, but we do know some fab ones that we can highly recommend! Check out our 'Things we like' page, or send us a message.  We use cameras to film that look like your photographers, but we are there solely​ to concentrate on your film. We may take a few photos on the day, but these are only to personalise your dvd menu's and not like the official ones your photographer will take. 

Have a question not covered?  Send us a message through the 'Contact Page' or drop us an e-mail!